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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Your own insurance company is legally obligated to pay all valid claims. This means that they cannot go looking for reasons why a claim shouldn’t be paid, and they must compensate their policyholders in a timely manner. Insurers must also act fairly and in good faith by taking into account the policyholder’s best interests when deciding how much a claim is worth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and Williams Legal has handled many personal injury cases where insurance companies have acted in “bad faith” and tried to unfairly reject or minimize an injured policyholder’s claim for recovery.

If your premiums are paid and you were injured in a car accident, a truck accident, or another kind of personal injury accident that is covered under your insurance policy, you are entitled to proper, timely, and full compensation from your insurer. Attorney John M. Williams is a former insurance attorney claims adjuster and knows when an insurance company has crossed the line into “bad faith” conduct.  He will hold them accountable. Please contact Williams Legal to request your free consultation.

Attorney Williams having worked for large insurance companies and is familiar with the way insurance companies operate and the constraints and pressures a claims adjuster may be under. He knows how to apply bad faith insurance laws so that insurance companies are compelled to treat you fairly. If the insurer still refuses to act in accordance with the terms or their policy with you, Mr. Williams can initiate a bad faith claim or lawsuit. You would then be entitled to compensation under your original claim and the claim against the insurance company.

Unfortunately, there are no “bad faith” remedies to third parties in Washington. This means that while policyholders can avail themselves of legal remedies against their own insurance companies, claimants and plaintiffs demanding compensation from a third-party policyholder do not have the same protections. Mr. Williams, however, can apply his “insider’s” knowledge of the insurance industry to ensure that insurers treat you fairly and that you obtain your full recovery for personal injury.

To schedule your free consultation in Washington with Bad Faith Insurance Attorney John M. Williams, call Williams Legal at (866) 315-2427 or contact us online.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Practices
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