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Products Liability

Product Liability

Consumer products are supposed to be designed, tested, manufactured, and marketed properly to make sure that they are safe for use. When a product designer, a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer fails to fulfill any of these duties of care and a product defect occurs, people can get hurt or die. Even when negligence is not a factor, a product may malfunction or have been designed in a way that ends up causing serious injury or death to a user. In either case—whether the cause is negligence or strict liability—the parties responsible for making or selling the defective or dangerous product can be held liable.

Williams Legal represents clients that were injured or whose loved ones died because of defective products. Attorney John M. Williams will ensure that the appropriate defective products experts are retained, and he will work with them to prove liability and establish your damages.

Williams Legal represents injured clients and surviving family members with defective products claims and lawsuits involving:

•  Motor Vehicles
•  Auto Parts (Seat belts, airbags, tires, engines, etc.)
•  Toys
•  Nursery Products
•  Medical Devices
•  Prescription Drugs
•  Food
•  Clothing
•  Household Appliances and Products
•  Pharmaceutical Drugs
•  Electronics
•  Chemical Cold Packs
•  Industrial Tools and Machinery

Products liability cases can be challenging cases to prove—especially when you are going up against a large manufacturer, a distributor, and/or seller of a product. All of them will usually have a lot invested in making sure that consumers continue to buy their products. Yet when someone dies because of a defective medical device or a child suffers intestinal injuries because he swallowed the small magnet pieces that easily came off a toy or an elderly person sustains electrical burns because the wiring of a household appliance was defective, the parties responsible for allowing the defective or dangerous product to enter the marketplace must be held financially liable.

Defective products claims require a lot of work and investigation upfront to make sure that you have a strong case to pursue. It is also important that your lawyer examine any evidence while it is still intact. If your case involves a defective motor vehicle or faulty auto part, it would greatly benefit your case if your attorney were able to send experts to the scene right away so that the defective motor vehicle can be examined before it is towed away.

Mr. Williams knows how to prove that the design of a product was inherently defective or whether the flaw occurred due to the manufacturer’s failure to meet safety standards during production. He can also determine whether breach of warranty or a marketing defect, such as the failure to warn of a hazard or incomplete operating instructions, was the cause of the product defect that led to your injuries.

If you or someone you love sustained a serious injury because of a defective or dangerous product, contact Williams Legal. We represents product liability clients in cities throughout King County and Snohomish County, Washington, including Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Woodinville, Bothell, Edmonds, Everett, Lynwood, Marysville, Mill Creek, and Mountlake Terrace, and the entire Puget Sound Area.

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