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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Any time there is a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle rider and another motor vehicle, it is the motorcyclist and his or her passengers that run the highest risk of serious injuries or death. Motorcyclists on Washington roads and freeways have no protection in a crash (except for their helmets and protective clothing), and the riders’ bodies end up experiencing the full brunt of physical impact when they are thrown onto the ground, into concrete barriers or other fixed objects, or collide with a commuter bus, an SUV, a car, or any other vehicle.

Unfortunately, there is an inaccurate presumption that all motorcycle accidents potentially have issues of comparative fault and negligence on the part of the motorcycle rider, and many insurance companies will use this bias to their advantage. They may even have their own motorcycle experts and accident reconstructionists whose main goal is to prove that an injured motorcyclist could have acted to prevent the accident or decrease the severity of the injuries.

In Washington, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer that knows how to preserve evidence and can hire experts to inspect the accident scene and damaged vehicles to clearly show you were not at fault. Motorcycle Accident Attorney John M. Williams can begin investigating and preparing your case immediately. Any time lost working on your claim can create serious problems, including the loss of key evidence, so contact Williams Legal for your free consultation today.

Motorcycle Injuries
Many Washington motorcycle collision cases happen because another driver was speeding, failed to yield the right of way, was intoxicated, talking on the cell phone, or failed to check that a motorcycle wasn’t already in the next lane before merging over. One reason insurance companies are so quick to place the blame on motorcyclists is because riders are at high risk of sustaining costly catastrophic and/or fatal injuries anytime they are involved in a traffic accident.

Spinal cord injuries, serious burn injuries, permanent disfigurements, traumatic brain injuries, fatalities, and other serious injuries are all too common consequences for motorcyclists involved in auto crashes, and the cost for a negligent driver’s insurance company to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, property damage, and other losses can be high.

Attorney Williams is a former insurance claims adjuster, and he is familiar with the tactics applied by insurance companies to minimize an injured motorcyclist’s settlement. He knows how to present your claim so that an insurance company understands that agreeing to a satisfactory settlement is preferable to contending with a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Mr. Williams has successfully protected his clients’ rights in cases where the defense’s experts have tried influencing the findings of an accident report to the negligent party’s advantage.

Our law firm will not agree to take your case unless we believe that we can get you a settlement or judgment that will fairly compensate you for your loss. Williams Legal represents motorcycle accident victims and their families in cities throughout Washington, including the cities of Everett, Woodinville, Bothell, Edmonds, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, Marysville, and  Mountlake Terrace.

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