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Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

One of the most important tasks that a burn injury lawyer must be able to accomplish is to successfully describe to a jury or insurance company the seriousness of your injuries and the painful medical treatments you must undergo. A burn injury can be excruciatingly painful, and, every year, thousands of burn injury patients in the United States will die because of their injuries.

Washington Burn Injury Attorney John M. Williams knows how to bring your burn injuries to life for an insurance company or a jury so that you can receive reasonable compensation for these injuries. Williams Legal represents burn injury clients in cities throughout King County and Snohomish County, Washington, including Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Woodinville, Bothell, Edmonds, Everett, Lynwood, Marysville, Mill Creek, and Mountlake Terrace, and the entire Puget Sound Area.

Burn Injury Facts
The degree of your burn injury (first degree, second degree, or third degree burns), the kind of burn injury that you have (chemical, radiation, thermal, light, or electrical burns), the expanse of skin and body regions affected, and your age at the time of the burn injury accident can determine the injury’s severity. The skin’s nerve endings, muscles, blood vessels, and bones may be damaged, and certain burn injuries may lead to respiratory problems, organ damage, loss of bodily fluids, sepsis, facial and bodily disfigurement, and death.

Causes of burn injuries that can be grounds for a burn accident case include car collisions, motorcycle accidents, truck crashes, defective products-related burns (from defective home, office, or industrial appliances), fires started by negligent or careless parties, work-related accidents, chemical cold packs, electrical accidents, exposure to hazardous substances, hot liquid or steam-related accidents, and other personal injury accidents.

To recover from a burn injury, a patient may have to under go multiple treatments and surgeries, such as cosmetic surgery, skin graft operations, skin replacement surgery, as well as psychological counseling. Medical treatments for burn injuries can be very painful. Often, the psychological and mental pain and trauma that comes with a serious burn injury can be just as painful as the physical pain. Recovery from a serious burn injury could take years.

Everett, Washington Burn Injury Attorney John Williams will work hard to negotiate a settlement with the insurer that covers your medical costs and other damages to compensate you for your loss. He will also—from day one—begin preparing your case for trial in the event that settling with the insurer will not get you the compensation that your injuries warrant.

Mr. Williams has worked as a claims adjustor for large insurance companies and knows how insurance companies deal with burn injury cases, and he will apply this knowledge to maximize your recovery.

Everett, Washington Burn Injury Attorney Williams is committed to providing quality, effective personal injury representation to his clients.

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